Most of Norrgavel’s furniture is made by selected joinery firms in the provinces of Småland and Skåne. To complement these, we also use skilled firms in the Baltic countries. That makes transportation routes short, meaning less impact on the environment. The joineries are chosen for their high levels of skills and extensive experience, often dating back several generations. 

The work requires solid craftsmanship – even when using the best machinery some work has to be done by hand. Making a new product for Norrgavel is a long-term commitment based on mutual trust. A respect for precision is a crucial factor in any choice of a new joinery. 

Customers buying our furniture have a great many options available to them. Production is determined by customer orders, so every piece of furniture is made for a specific customer. Unfinished furniture (or components) come to us in Lammhult to be finished and assembled, and that’s where we also carry out the final quality control checks. Customer-led production means that the lead time for Norrgavel furniture is normally 6-12 weeks. 

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