About the company

Norrgavel’s story is one of strongly-held values. It is not always easy to follow your convictions, but from the outset we have had a three-pronged set of values that help us retain our direction of travel. We drive our company forward by operating on humanistic, ecological and existential principles.

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Our story

It was in 1991 that Nirvan Richter took the first steps towards creating Norrgavel, having graduated in architecture from the Royal Institute of Technology and trained in cabinet-making at the Carl Malmsten School of Furniture. Read the rest of our story. 

Why the name Norrgavel?

The name Norrgavel came about at the very beginning of the 1990s. The Richter family had moved into a street-front house in Lund and started the business that was later to become Norrgavel. Nirvan (previously Erik) Richter was wondering what to call his company and it was suggested to him during a telephone conversation that he choose a name connected to the company’s location. “What would that be? There’s nothing here but a big northern gable (norrgavel)!”, he exclaimed, and that was it: the company got its name. 

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