About egg-oil tempera

There’s that Norrgavel aroma ...

Norrgavel has been working with egg-oil tempera since it was established and in many ways it has become our hallmark. It’s based on tempera, a painting medium that has been in use for hundreds of years.
Ovolin has developed it into a paint that is suitable for our environment and meets contemporary requirements.  

The ingredients of egg-oil tempera are egg, linseed oil, water and earth or mineral pigments, preservatives (approved for food use) and siccative (a drying agent). The paint fully meets ecocycle requirements and is very versatile.
The result is a beautiful, completely matt surface that reflects the light in a very particular way. The tempera oxidises with its base layer which makes it delicate to start with but after a while it becomes almost indestructible. Norrgavel furniture comes in selected standard colours and wall paints are available in hundreds of shades.
The egg-oil tempera does not dry through a process of evaporation, it oxidises with its base layer. It’s a slow process, which means finishing the furniture is very time consuming. The paint is initially vulnerable to knocks, but it continues to oxidise over a long period of time and ultimately becomes virtually indestructible. 

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